Don’t believe the story you read on USA Today about Starbucks clarifying that its bathrooms are open to everyone. They are not.

Just ten minutes ago I walked into a Starbucks that had a sign on it that said “Restrooms are for customers only”

Article by Micah Blumberg, Journalist, Researcher, Neurohacker

I took photos, I asked the employees if they had seen the news they said no, I showed them USA Today article saying that the Starbucks CEO is telling their employees to let anyone use the restroom. Then they nodded and went silent. They didn’t get up and change the sign to something like “Restrooms are now for everyone”, they didn’t take it down, they just went silent. So anout ten minutes later I asked them if they were going to take the sign down or change. They said their district manager had told them to leave it up. They said it was a liability issue and they had several people who had gotten hurt in the bathroom. They wanted me to think that purchasing a cup of coffee to use the restroom reduced bathroom related injuries and their liability. Like every Starbucks in San Francisco they have had issues with homeless, gay, black, and foreign people who were not customers who had take up space in the restrooms for 15 minutes or more. Enough time, they said, to take a bus ride somewhere.

The Marketing Fantasy from Starbucks HQ marketed by USA Today

The reality on the ground at actual Starbucks Retail locations as of 12:30pm Sunday May 20th 2018

The message from Starbucks Branch Managers is and has been that if you can’t afford a cup of coffee then you can’t use the restroom, you can’t have a cup of water and you can’t sit inside the building to use the wifi.

Some people have given Starbucks five stars simply for keeping non-customers out of the restrooms. So its easy to understand why there will be resistance to this corporate memo from Starbucks Headquarters.

People in wheel chairs who can’t get hired at Starbucks to have the money to pay for coffee will just have to pee on the street, and by the way the street outside that Starbucks smells like feces and urine.

Anyway if you like clean restrooms that discriminate against black people, minorities, and poor people stop into your local Starbucks. Just hold your nose on the way in because the street stinks.

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