I interviewed the CEO of Elias, Kristofer Eng, at GDC 2022 last week.

Article & Interview by Micah Blumberg, about Micah

This new audio engine is welcome news for composers and sound effects creators. You will instantly hear the changes you make in your current play session, you can hotswap your audio assets. The visual scripting cuts out the middle layers so you can create logic within the authoring tool. The tool is adaptive to the player. So the game can recognize when a particular way player needs to be motivated, rewarded, or encouraged in a particular and then Elias 4 allows you to quickly & easily at the audio that the player needs at that moment.



At GDC 2022 I interviewed Jordan Stevens about his start up Mudstack to learn about his company.

Article & Interview by Micah Blumberg

Mudstack is built for the needs of digital artists & major AAA game studios, they are ready to help huge teams with digital asset management, collaboration, version control and more.

I think of it as a github on your companies private network that makes it much easier for artists to collaborate together on massive projects, but it’s also useful for smaller projects and indie game development art teams.

They raise 2.2 million dollars in their seed round (from Atlanta’s Overline Ventures, Hyperplane Venture Capital, and Forum.

Watch my conversation with Jordon Stevens here:



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