Engineered Arts (Robotics), iMediSync (BCI Monitoring & Stimulation), Neurive (Neuromodulation (Neuro Stimulation)), Abbot (Medical Devices (Monitoring & Stimulation), HapticSol, Melody Tech, bHaptics, VRLEO Arcade Cabinet, DASSAULT SYSTÈMES

Written by Micah Blumberg ( bio at )

You can listen to the replay of the 10pm news from Jan 7th 2022 here (A highlight in this call happens after the 1:52 minute mark when we hear from Dr. Dave Kim from iMediSync)

On the night of Jan 7th 2022 at 10pm on Clubhouse we recorded Day 3 of CES News. Join Cecile G. Tamura, myself, and others to talk about the latest news! I’m looking for healthcare tech innovations today for tonights news.

Engineered Arts

BMW iX Flow (color changing car), Sky Drive (human sized quad copter), Unlink VR (makes the Valve Index wireless), Dynamic Robotic System Lab: VR powered robot telepresence, Cellid, Inc: AR Display Prototype, Common Computer: AI Network for NFT apps, Luxonis Oak-D (All-in-one AI Depth Camera), Quantum Shieldz Cypher (encrypted calls), Metaverse Music from Samsung C-Lab Outside, Sky Drive (human scale quadcopter), Qudi (led emote mask), Metaverse Music (Samsung C-Lab), BitSensing Inc: Radar 4D: Vertical Range Radar, Light Space 3D (New AR Headset)

This article was written by Micah Blumberg

Please join us live on Clubhouse tonight at 10pm to discuss CES 2022 News Live, the recording will be added here afterwards: here it is:

The main narrative of this news story in the audio that you can listen to below. The rest of the links on this page are meant to accompany the audio story.

BMW iX Flow (color changing car)

Interview with Dr. Stella Clarke, who works at BMW in Munich Germany…

NewSight Reality (AR), Blickfeld Lidar, CYVISION (AR in the car), VRgineers (XTAL VR headset), Samsung booth (AR Car Concept + Nice looking tech), ITRI, Hyundai booth (Robots for the Metaverse), Canon booth (VR 3D 180 lens & Immersive Media Software), a video of the John Deer autonomous anomaly detecting production ready tractor, finally I tried the Sleep Number bed with the Microsoft Hololens AR headset.

The text of this article was assembled by Micah Blumberg.

Please join us every night of CES at 10pm PT Pacific Time to listen to our news program with my co-host Cecile Tamura. This link below is the replay from July 5th’s 10pm News.

On July 5th our first invited…

News from Qualcomm, John Deere, NVIDIA, Canon, Hyundai, and tonight’s guests on Clubhouse: and FluentPet.

To listen to the program live open the Clubhouse app on your phone, join the Silicon Valley Global News group, and it starts at 10pm PT Pacific Time from Las Vegas. Here is a link to listen:

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We interviewed Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee the CEO of Digitalax for Part 2 of our series, and this time we were joined by Anina Net the CEO and founder of 360Fashion Network, and Cecile Tamura who is President and CEO at Okasaki Tech Holdings Corp in addition to being regular contributor to Silicon Valley Global News.

Digitalax X News X Anina Net. Watch the interview here:

You can learn more about Anina here

The Meta Jacket

Worn by model influencer and co-play artist Shirleen creates a window allowing us to see into the future of Augmented Reality with Digital Fashion and Fashion Tech.

The Meta Jacket, created by Artifact Studios (rtfktstudio’s first Digital Fashion Jacket), as worn by…

A deep dive into Cryptoart.wft numbers & logic. What is the big picture for climate change, what are the solutions, how can we help?

After I published the first article about Digital Fashion, Art NFT, AR, VR, WebXR, etc. I noticed a lot of people in the AR VR industry claiming that Non-fungible Token use was unethical because it polluted the environment. …

You've tracked for example 1 NFT at a time through many different blocks, with across multiple smart contracts. What has been your method to calculate the carbon footprint of each NFT per block, compared to the carbon foot print of each block that this NFT is not responsible for? Or for simplicity purposes do you just assign that entire blocks energy to that 1 NFT?

NBA Top Shot twitter slogan says: “Witness history. Own the plays. Officially licensed by @nba & @thenbpa. Bringing Basketball to ⛓. Built on @flow_blockchain.” NBA Top Shot (twitter) @nba_topshot

Top Shots are officially licensed by the NBA. NBA Top Shots what is it? It’s a little weird to explain if you haven’t heard of this before, its like trading cards that you can buy, but each card has a video, and each trading card has a unique serial number…

Silicon Valley Global News: VR, AR, WebXR, 3D Semantic Segmentation AI, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, Light Field Video, Drones

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