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Digitalax X News X Anina Net. Watch the interview here:

You can learn more about Anina here

The Meta Jacket

Worn by model influencer and co-play artist Shirleen creates a window allowing us to see into the future of Augmented Reality with Digital Fashion and Fashion Tech.

The Meta Jacket, created by Artifact Studios (rtfktstudio’s first Digital Fashion Jacket), as worn by model, influencer, and cosplayer Shirleen (aka richchocolit on instagram) is a vision of our native digital future.

“The METAJACKET is RTFKT’s first Digital Fashion Jacket. Dropping Exclusively on the DIGITALAX Marketplace.”

The Meta Jacket is a leading example of Fashion Designers selling Digital Fashion using NFT blockchain technology, to validate…

After I published the first article about Digital Fashion, Art NFT, AR, VR, WebXR, etc. I noticed a lot of people in the AR VR industry claiming that Non-fungible Token use was unethical because it polluted the environment. The people who are saying this are sometimes sharing anti-NFT articles with what I felt were wild claims so I looked into it.

People who share these “anti-NFT” articles say things like “the sheer scale of damage one person is capable of puts NFT-produced emissions in a fundamentally different category than the ones we have historically been producing. …

You've tracked for example 1 NFT at a time through many different blocks, with across multiple smart contracts. What has been your method to calculate the carbon footprint of each NFT per block, compared to the carbon foot print of each block that this NFT is not responsible for? Or for simplicity purposes do you just assign that entire blocks energy to that 1 NFT?

NBA Top Shot twitter slogan says: “Witness history. Own the plays. Officially licensed by @nba & @thenbpa. Bringing Basketball to ⛓. Built on @flow_blockchain.” NBA Top Shot (twitter) @nba_topshot

Top Shots are officially licensed by the NBA. NBA Top Shots what is it? It’s a little weird to explain if you haven’t heard of this before, its like trading cards that you can buy, but each card has a video, and each trading card has a unique serial number, that serial number is it’s nft that is stored on the blockchain, and these cards are released in limited sets so if you buy one you own that moment.

A moment could be a when a player makes 3 point shot, or dunks the ball. Each moment (on video) is…

Digitalax X News

Written by Micah Blumberg with major contributions from Cecile Tamura and Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee from Digitalax.

Micah Blumberg, and Cecile Tamura from Silicon Valley Global News interviewed Emma from Digitalax.


I follow many artists on social media, and one day on of my favorite artists, a Virtual Reality Artist named Anna Zhilyaeva (who is world famous) posted that she had sold her first ever NFT for $24,593. For the VR communities on social media this was big news. You could make a painting in Tilt Brush and auction it as an NFT for potentially thousands of dollars!

Article by Micah Blumberg

The concept of synaptic unreliability that is a foundation for computational neuroscience, spike timing models, and deep neural networks is fundamentally undermined by the mathematical proof of widespread MVR (multi-vesicular release) in neocortical synapses.

Background: “Impact of synaptic unreliability on the information transmitted by spiking neurons” “This suggests that synapses represent the primary bottleneck limiting the faithful transmission of information through cortical circuitry.” “The postsynaptic neuron can be viewed as an input-output element that converts the input spike trains from many presynaptic neurons into a single-output spike train. This input-output transformation is the basic computation…

Article written by Micah Blumberg, with help from Cecile Tamura in interviewing the company.

At CES 2021 Silicon Valley Global News spoke to Gabriele Sorrento the Director of Vection Technologies which is located in San Francisco on Market St (and is able to meet local partners) and recently acquired Mindesk (where Gabriele is the CEO) Vection integrates a user interface between the CAD programs used by engineers and designers across the world with the Microsoft Hololens 2, Varjo XR-1 and Varjo XR-3

Watch the whole interview here:

Watch the whole interview above ^

You can still interact with your…

Story by Micah Blumberg (with help from Cecile Tamura), Silicon Valley Global News.

Varjo is combining lidar and video to do high resolution depth capture that goes beyond what can be done with lidar alone. This process allows really stable pixel perfect depth capture at 90 fps, for things like real time holoportation to take you to other places on the planet in VR or XR. When combined with 3D Semantic Segmentation the possibilities are mind-expanding.

Varjo uses the full field of view lidar on their new XR-3 headset (with the same fov for the lidar as the video) 108…

Article by Micah Blumberg, Journalist & Software Engineer

Facebook Horizon combines the massive multiplayer online world building such as seen in games like Minecraft & Roblox, with visual game scripting seen in the popular VR app Rec Room, and the online social chat experiences of apps like AltSpace & VR Chat. All in one.

Silicon Valley Global News: VR, AR, WebXR, 3D Semantic Segmentation AI, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, Light Field Video, Drones

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